Choix de la langue


And now, ladies and gentlemen...

I have the joy of announcing that… 


The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles will become a movie. 


Julie Depardieu will play Joséphine, Emmanuelle Béart, Iris. 

Gérard Depardieu will incarnate Marcel. Karole Rocher, Josyane. 


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Amongst girls…

Many of you have written to me (on my website) to ask for the addresses of “nice and cool” boutiques in New York. So, here are some places I rush to each time I step foot in the big city. 


Just for fun, or to shop like a “nutcase”. 


Especially with the euro exchange, we already have a reduction of 30%. 


And then, depending on the season, take another 10 or 15% off! Or depending on the weather. After the hurricane, in order to attract the masses, almost all stores offered a discount of 20%. 


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After Sandy...

Life slowly begins again. 

Half of the city still does not have electricity, nor water, nor telephone service, nor Internet. 

Many of my friends live downtown. 

Some of them are stuck on the 60th story of their building. Others on the 25th story. 

The elevators have stopped working. 


The others walk all the way up to 34th street to make phone calls, send emails, drink a warm cup of coffee. 

Restaurants and cafés welcome them for the time it takes to charge their phones or computers. 

There’s a solidarity between people. 



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French Men are Delicious

Oof! Obama has been elected. Mitt Romney is out. 

The Republican Party is seriously getting old. 

They’ll need to find some new ideas if they want to win the next election.  


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I am a New Yorkivore!

New York, New York! I love it, I love it! 

The energy that boils in this city exhilarates me. I can’t stop walking around and looking. 

I am a New Yorkivore. 


I live at the very top of the city, right next to the Guggenheim museum. Across from the Reservoir. I take off each morning with my little notebook and my Bic pen tied around my neck. 


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