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The Squirrels of Central Park are Sad on Mondays

Published by Albin Michel Editions : "Les Ecureuils de Central Park sont tristes le lundi" - april 2010

Often, life amuses itself. 
It offers us a diamond, hidden under a subway ticket or in the fold of a curtain. Tucked away in a word, a look, a simple smile. 
We must pay attention to the details. They sow our life with little stones, and guide us. The brutal people, the people who are in a hurry, those who wear boxing gloves or who shake up the gravel, ignore the details. They want the heavy, the imposing, the brash, they do not want to lose a minute bending down for a coin, a piece of straw, the hand a trembling man. 
But if we lean over, if we stop time, we discover diamonds in an outstretched hand… And life is never again sad. Not Saturday, not Sunday, not Monday...

After the extraordinary success of The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles, and The Slow Waltz of the Turtles, The Squirrels of Central Park are Sad on Mondays, is a greatly awaited sequel. 

 864 pages - ISBN : 9782226208316 - Price : 23.90

Not yet available in English