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A distant Man

Un homme à distancePublished by Albin Michel Editions : " Un homme à distance" - april 2001.

Her name is Kay. She works in a bookshop in Fécamp on the Normandy coast. She lives on her own, shut away in a mystery, a deliberate solitude, an old wound that never seems far from the surface but that nobody dares to mention. Then one day, she receives a letter signed Jonathan Shields, an American who is passing through France and orders a book from her… Kay and Jonathan start a correspondence. Ar first the tone is formal and literary, then it changes and becomes more and more personal, tender at some moments, violent at others.

They say things to each other through the books they talk about that they otherwise would never have been able to say. We sense that there is a secret lurking between them and that they keep avoiding it. They don’t dare to confide in each other for fear that they will then find out everything, know everything and suffer too much…
But one day the truth will come out into the open and leave the two protagonists to face up to themselves without masks or books to protect them.

Not yet available in English