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Seen From The Outside

Vu de l'exterieurPublished by Le Seuil : " Vu de l'extérieur " in 1993 - Points-Seuil, 1995

After a while, being a couple comes to mean demonstrating to everyone that everything’s fine. A certificate of bliss to flash in front of everyone as they moan about how they no longer have sex, are always having rows and haven’t finished paying off their mortgages. Then one day Doudou ups and goes. She leaves her husband, her children and her pretty detached house behind. Everyone gives their own version of events in turn. But who is Doudou really? A fine novel about falling out of love and leaving things behind that is shot through with long bursts of laughter as Katherine Pancol reminds us that, in life, it is always the children who have the final word.

Not yet available in English