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French works by Katherine Pancol

The Squirrels of Central Park are Sad on Mondays

Published by Albin Michel Editions : "Les Ecureuils de Central Park sont tristes le lundi" - april 2010

Often, life amuses itself. 
It offers us a diamond, hidden under a subway ticket or in the fold of a curtain. Tucked away in a word, a look, a simple smile. 
We must pay attention to the details. They sow our life with little stones, and guide us. The brutal people, the people who are in a hurry, those who wear boxing gloves or who shake up the gravel, ignore the details. They want the heavy, the imposing, the brash, they do not want to lose a minute bending down for a coin, a piece of straw, the hand a trembling man. 
But if we lean over, if we stop time, we discover diamonds in an outstretched hand… And life is never again sad. Not Saturday, not Sunday, not Monday...

After the extraordinary success of The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles, and The Slow Waltz of the Turtles, The Squirrels of Central Park are Sad on Mondays, is a greatly awaited sequel. 

 864 pages - ISBN : 9782226208316 - Price : 23.90

Not yet available in English


The Slow Waltz of the Turtles

Published by Albin Michel Editions : "La valse lente des tortues" - march 2008

This book is a gust of life…
A burning kiss from the only one from whom it is forbidden…
Two arms that embrace or that kill…
A man who is unsettling, but so charming…
A woman who trembles and hopes ardently…
A man who lies so cleverly…
A woman who believes she leads the dance, but passes up her turn…

Not yet available in English

The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles

Published by Penguin : " Les Yeux jaunes des crocodiles" - december 2013


This novel is set in Paris.
But there are crocodiles in it nonetheless.

This novel is about men.
And women. The women we are,
the women we would like to be,
the women we shall never be,
the women we shall perhaps one day become.

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Kiss Me

Embrassez-moiPublished by Albin Michel : " Embrassez-moi" - october 2003

Present-day New York.
1980s Rochester.
The Czech Republic before and after the fall of the Wall…

Angela is French. She has often missed out on love without even noticing, but this time she comes face-to-face with her instinctive fear of falling in love…
Louise is American, a former movie star. She confides in Angela, tells her about her life, her loves and her failures. Angela tries to get some answers out of Louise…
Virgile is French. He is in love but wary, we know almost nothing about him…
Mathias is Czech. He doesn’t let anything get in his way. He won’t let himself go.
Angela looks for him, he flees from her, they find each other again…

There are all the others, the ghosts of the past who enter and then leave again, forming a large circle of secrets, wounds, laughter and love… These men and women cross Angela’s path as she tells her story and searches desperately for the thread connecting them all. The thread of memory, of love, of desire, of the freedom to love or to keep repeating the same fears, the same pains, the same failures…

416 pages - ISBN : 2226141715 - Price : €21.50
Not yet available in English

A distant Man

Un homme à distancePublished by Albin Michel Editions : " Un homme à distance" - april 2001.

Her name is Kay. She works in a bookshop in Fécamp on the Normandy coast. She lives on her own, shut away in a mystery, a deliberate solitude, an old wound that never seems far from the surface but that nobody dares to mention. Then one day, she receives a letter signed Jonathan Shields, an American who is passing through France and orders a book from her… Kay and Jonathan start a correspondence. Ar first the tone is formal and literary, then it changes and becomes more and more personal, tender at some moments, violent at others.

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I Was Here First

J'étais là avantPublished by Albin Michel : " J'étais là avant " - april 1999.

She is a free woman. She offers her body, no questions asked. And yet every love affair makes her panic and she is always the one that runs away. He is passionate, uncompromising and generous. The two of them will love with each other. There are the days and then there are the nights. Suffocating happiness. Pleasure. Doubt. Time spent waiting. But inside them shadows are awaking and whispering, “I was here first”.

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One Last Dance

Encore une danse Published by Fayard : " Encore une danse " janvier 1998 - Livre de poche, 1999

Clara, Josephine, Lucille, Agnès, Philippe and Rapha grew up together, lived in the same block of flats, went to the same schools and spent their whole time together. Their adult lives have taken different paths. Their friendship has nevertheless stood the test of time, survived the success of some and the failures of others. They still see each other, even if their “tune” is now sometimes a little out of key.

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Such A Beautiful Image

Une si belle imagePublished by Le Seuil : " Une si belle image " en 1994 Points-Seuil, 1995

Throughout her whole life, Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis hid behind her own image. Perfect, far too perfect. Katherine Pancol wanted to find out what lay behind the facade. By going through the enormous quantity of material devoted to Jackie – biographies, memoirs, witness statements, confidences – and presenting the facts from a new perspective, she has discovered a modern, fragile and indomitable woman. In short, a true literary character.

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Seen From The Outside

Vu de l'exterieurPublished by Le Seuil : " Vu de l'extérieur " in 1993 - Points-Seuil, 1995

After a while, being a couple comes to mean demonstrating to everyone that everything’s fine. A certificate of bliss to flash in front of everyone as they moan about how they no longer have sex, are always having rows and haven’t finished paying off their mortgages. Then one day Doudou ups and goes. She leaves her husband, her children and her pretty detached house behind. Everyone gives their own version of events in turn. But who is Doudou really? A fine novel about falling out of love and leaving things behind that is shot through with long bursts of laughter as Katherine Pancol reminds us that, in life, it is always the children who have the final word.

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Cruel Man Aren’t So Easy To Find

Les hommes cruels ne courent pas les rues Published by Le Seuil : "Les hommes cruels ne courent pas les rues" in 1990 Points-Seuil, 1997

A loving and humorous novel about the masculine ideal.

“Its tone is true and heart-rending. A work of genuine linguistic inventiveness that stirs the reader by its modernism and its vibrancy.”
Françoise Nourissier of the Académie Goncourt in Le Point

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Call Me Scarlett

Scarlett, si possiblePublished by Le Seuil : " Scarlett, si possible " in 1985 - Points-Seuil, 1997

July 1968. Three friends, Bénédicte, Martine and Juliette leave the region where they were born to go out and conquer the world. Despite all their dreams and ambitions, they soon realise that it is no fairy-tale out there. But they are modern girls who will do anything to succeed. “Call Me Scarlett” is a Bildungsroman in which the appetites and disappointments of an entire generation jostle with each other, a picture of young people for whom nothing is unattainable.

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The Barbarian Woman

La barbare

Published by Le Seuil : " La Barbare " - in 1981 Points-Seuil, 1995

Anne, a pretty young 21 year-old woman who has been married off by her mother to a brilliant graduate from one of France’s most prestigious universities, is the very picture of happiness. Or so it seems. For all of a sudden, in Casablanca, Serge appears. Their wildly passionate affair will shatter all conventions. And this unrelenting passion will decide destiny for Anne, this frighteningly modern barbarian who cannot bear to be told “I love you”.

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Me First

Moi d'abord

Published by Le Seuil : " Moi d'abord " in 1979 - Points-Seuil, 1998

Sophie loves Antoine. Antoine loves Sophie. But however happy Sophie is in Antoine’s arms, she refuses to be nothing more than her own charming reflection in the mirror. She wants to be someone, to be real, to be herself. No easy task when you’ve always followed a recipe for happiness in life. How do you cope with your own contradictions? Where do you find the key to happiness? “Me First” contains everything you need to know about the destructive tenderness of the girls of today!

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